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Assistive Apps for Dyscalculia on App Store and Google Play Store

Here's a list of helpful apps for adults with dyscalculia, available on the App Store and Google Play Store:

  1. Photomath

  1. Mental Math Practice by Magoosh

  • Description: Enhances mental math skills using flashcards, with concept explanations and progress tracking.

  • Google Play Store Link

  1. Flow Free

  1. NeuroNation

  1. Prodigy Math Game

  1. Monster Math

  1. Know Abacus

  1. Word Problems

  • Description: Focuses on enhancing word problem-solving skills, with features like whiteboard and problem narration.

  • App Store Link

  1. Math Vocabulary Cards

  • Description: Helps build a strong understanding of math vocabulary with interactive cards for various mathematical terms.

  • App Store Link

  1. All-In-One Calculator

  • Description: A versatile calculator for solving a variety of mathematical problems, also includes a currency converter.

  • Google Play Store Link

These apps offer diverse ways of understanding and coping with dyscalculia, ranging from basic arithmetic to advanced mathematical concepts. They can be particularly helpful for adults seeking to improve their math skills and understanding.

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